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Thank you for letting me try these revolutionary socks. I spend 8 hours walking around the airport and I can tell you that I look after my feet!!! After a full day of work or even while working out, BEPURE socks let my feet breathe, leaving them totally dry and free of unpleasant smells. It feels great wearing them; especially after a long day. I would recommend them without hesitation.

Gilles - Paris

I love my BEPURE socks. The softness is great! It’s the first thing you notice about them. After an hour in the gym, I can't believe that my feet are completely dry...and when I take them off, there's absolutely no odour: This product is awesome

Sylvie - Paris

I use my BEPURE socks when working out. They are very comfortable and I no longer get the unwanted surprise of unpleasant odours when I take off my trainers. It's true that I also take care of my shoes and change them every year. What's more, these socks are comfortable and are well designed. I've recommended them to my friends.

Xavier - Lyon

At first I was skeptical, I have notoriously stinky feet. With that dose of trepidation, and the desire for sweet smelling toes, I was eager to try a pair of Bepure sports socks. I'm usually not a fan of low-riding footies, but the elasticity of the material was surprisingly comfortable. When I put them on, the fit was snug and maybe I even sensed a little effervescence due to the novel odor absorbing materials woven within the fibres. I wore them all day in newly laundered tennis shoes and I'm glad to report that by the end of the day my feet still smelled fine ! Nothing you wouldn't expect, but thanks to Bepure Sport socks, I was able to remove my sneakers with confidence, reassured that no olfactory harm would come to those around me nor myself !

Jack - NYC



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