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PureProction Diabetic Socks

15,80 €

Japanese technology breathable fibres.

An all-in-one product: deodorising, purifying, anti-humidity and antibacterial.

“Breathable” fibre technology from Japan able to absorb three times as much moisture as wool (and six times as much as cotton).

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BeProteX – antibacterial

BeProteX is composed of intelligent acrylic fibres and cutting edge antibacterial technology. Thanks to its photo-catalytic action (activated by light) at the heart of each strand, this fabric completely inhibits microbial action, greatly reducing survival and growth.

PureMAX – deodorant

PureMAX is composed of technical fibres that efficiently eliminate all bad smells when in contact with the skin, creating a chemical reaction which promotes ion exchange, completely naturalising odour. Every machine wash recharges the power of PureMAX, providing long lasting protection as well as keeping your skin feeling clean and healthy.


Elegant and hard-wearing

Our socks are designed to the highest ergonomic standards, benefiting from the latest innovations in textile technology.

To improve the strength and life of our product, the fabric weave is reinforced and tightened at the places subject to the most wear (the heel and the toes).

Elastic and supple

We use very high quality elastic thread that lets the fabric adapt perfectly to the shape of your feet, giving you a feeling of comfort without ever feeling too tight or too loose.

BEPURE, “high-tech” for you feet.

55 % Brushed cotton / 25% Elastane / 10 % PureMAX / 10% BeProtex

Washing Instructions: Do not bleach. Do not use fabric softener.