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PureSport Anti-odour Socks

14,80 €

Japanese technology breathable fibres.

An all-in-one product: deodorising, purifying, anti-humidity and antibacterial.

“Breathable” fibre technology from Japan able to absorb three times as much moisture as wool (and six times as much as cotton).

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6 key-points for an absolute comfort

1. Self-adjusting sleeves

Elastic and flexible sock legs which efficiently hold the ankle without squeezing it.

2.“U-cross” bandage

The unique design of our “U” shaped bandage actively supports your ankle, ligaments and joints.

This support is transmitted to the whole leg, allowing an optimal muscular relaxation.

The ankle needs a special protection which, while supporting it, should not hinder its movements.

“U-cross” bandage is a reinforcement that is woven from an elastic fabric, operating on the ankle. The density of the meshing has been specially designed to diffuse the impact uniformly over the ankle.

3.“Tip – Top” Protection

Protection for your toes.

The lining (reinforcement) and seams of our socks have been designed to stop your feet from over heating and to bolster the sensation of well being. You'll feel amazing right to the tips of your feet!

4.BEPURE Breathable

A unique system to remove the heat and moisture.

The air duct of the BePure socks is a unique system to remove heat and moisture. This system is made of numerous small canals which act as a wick, removing the heat and the moist from the sole of the foot to the top of the sock.

5.Protection for your Achilles

This high-density protective cushion acts as a shock absorber for your heel, shielding it from the large amount of shocks when practicing contact or endurance sports. It works by diffusing the impact over the whole of the foot rather than it being concentrated on a single point. Furthermore, the cushioning reduces the friction created by shoes, helping to avoid the appearance of blisters.

6.Ribbed Elastic Design

We have devised our socks to be as supple and flexible as possible.

Their unique ribbed design gives maximum aeration for the fabric too.

BEPURE, “high-tech” for you feet.

An answer to the specific requirements of high-level athletes, suitable for all the family.

70 % Brushed cotton / 10% Elastane / 10% PureMAX / 10% BeProteX

Washing Instructions: Do not bleach. Do not use fabric softener.