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Japanese NanoTech Fibers

Experience The Difference


Neutralize unpleasant odours with NanoTech fibers

that effectively fight a whole range of microbes

by disabling their vital enzymes upon contact.


Treat your feet with delicate, anti-bobble cotton

that prevents and relieves dermal infections, mycoses and eczemas.


Wick away moisture and let your feet breathe

with a fabric designed to provide absolute comfort.


Rest assure that even after multiple washes, BEPURE socks are guaranteed to fight off odor-causing bacteria while maintaining its sense of style and comfort.

A“breathable” fabric

Two methods of tackling foot hygiene

Method of Action Length of Action/Life Secondary Effects Use
BEPURE socks Intelligent fibres inhibit the growth of bacteria, quickly remove sweat and keep your feet dry. Washable without loosing any performance. None Daily
Antiperspirant deodorant for feet. Aluminium ions contained in the spray stop perspiration but don't let your feet breath. Loss of performance after each wash. Must be applied every day to shoes. Irritation and skin redness. Chemicals and synthetic perfumes may cause allergic reactions. Must be applied every time shoes are worn.

A “breathable” fabric with exceptional moisture absorption abilities:

3 times as much as wool

and 6 times as much as cotton

BEPURE anti-odour shocks have already helped millions of people around the world and now you can share in this experience.

With BEPURE, eliminating foot odour becomes quick and simple.

You have surely already tried many different methods or products to eradicate foot odour; antiperspirant creams and sprays, scented powders, talc or foot baths. However all these techniques only increase your frustration because the problems always seem to come back.

The first step to success is to throw away all your old socks, which, as well as being infected with bacteria, do not allow your feet to breathe (which is, as we will see, one of the main causes of these unpleasant smells)

quality certified

Double certified in Japan and Switzerland to the most demanding specifications

After being subjected to the most stringent tests by the world leader in inspection, analysis and certification (Switzerland's SGS), using American and Japanese standards (AATCC and JAFET) as well as ISO6330:2012, BEPURE socks proved to be 99% effective, even after 20 washes. Their performance is guaranteed “for life”!

The Japanese certification organisation JTETC (Japan Textile Evaluation Technology Council), awarded the fabric used in our socks the SEK mark, guaranteeing their antibacterial and anti-odour properties.

BEPURE URBAIN socks can help those suffering from Diabetes to take care of their feet.

Intelligent Textiles

Thermostatic-like action

with helps the body to regulate its temperature whilst keeping skin fresh and dry.

Its moisture control

absorption and rapid removal abilities.

Its ability to keep

the surface of the skin pH neutral.

Another Innovative Fabric Technology “Made in Japan”

« fibres intelligentes »


BeProteX is composed of intelligent acrylate fibres combining cutting edge nanotechnology antibacterial action with photo-catalytic sterilisation properties. Activated by light (natural or artificial), this reaction takes place in the heart of every strand for maximum performance, inhibiting all bacterial action by significantly reducing their capacity to survive and grow.


PureMAX is made of technical fibres that, once in contact with the skin, produce a chemical reaction promoting an ion exchange, completely neutralising unpleasant odours. Every time you machine wash your BEPURE socks, PureMax is recharged, maintaining its long-lasting performance and keeping your skin healthy.

Satisfied or Your Money Back

The success and reputation of the BEPURE brand is based on the quality of these anti-odour socks and the trust of our customers. Our business is sustainable, and this itself is a guarantee of

great quality and satisfaction. The same applies to your BEPURE socks, if you want them to be long-lasting, we recommend that you follow the washing instructions and don't use fabric softener or bleach.

The aim of our business is to satisfy our customers. If our socks don' live up to your expectations and put an end to unpleasant foot odour, you can simply return them to us (even if you've already worn them). We promise to provide you with a refund within 30 days.

All refund requests must be sent by recorded delivery, including the socks and a copy of the receipt along with an explanation of the reason for the return, all within 30 days from the date of purchase (shown on the proof of purchase). The reimbursement will be by cheque made out to the name of the customer who placed the order, posted to their address. Please don't forget to include this address when you return your purchase.


Nos clients vous les recommandent


Thank you for letting me try these revolutionary socks. I spend 8 hours walking around the airport and I can tell you that I look after my feet!!! After a full day of work or even while working out, BEPURE socks let my feet breathe, leaving them totally dry and free of unpleasant smells. It feels great wearing them; especially after a long day. I would recommend them without hesitation.

Gilles - Paris

I love my BEPURE socks. The softness is great! It’s the first thing you notice about them. After an hour in the gym, I can't believe that my feet are completely dry...and when I take them off, there's absolutely no odour: This product is awesome

Sylvie - Paris

I use my BEPURE socks when working out. They are very comfortable and I no longer get the unwanted surprise of unpleasant odours when I take off my trainers. It's true that I also take care of my shoes and change them every year. What's more, these socks are comfortable and are well designed. I've recommended them to my friends.

Xavier - Lyon

At first I was skeptical, I have notoriously stinky feet. With that dose of trepidation, and the desire for sweet smelling toes, I was eager to try a pair of Bepure sports socks. I'm usually not a fan of low-riding footies, but the elasticity of the material was surprisingly comfortable. When I put them on, the fit was snug and maybe I even sensed a little effervescence due to the novel odor absorbing materials woven within the fibres. I wore them all day in newly laundered tennis shoes and I'm glad to report that by the end of the day my feet still smelled fine ! Nothing you wouldn't expect, but thanks to Bepure Sport socks, I was able to remove my sneakers with confidence, reassured that no olfactory harm would come to those around me nor myself !

Jack - NYC